Lyophilised Injections (In Vials)

Two Lyophilizer of 5m2 & 10m2 with controlled nucleation technology has been integrated to sterile line to enhance stability & shelf life of products. Automatic vial loading & unloading system (row by row) systems synchronized with lyophilizer under Class A environment protected by positive pressure isolator.

Sr. No. Generic Name Strength
1 Aceclofenac Injection 150mg
2 Acyclovir for Injection USP 250mg/vial & 500mg/vial
3 Amphotericin B for Injection USP  50mg/vial & 100mg/vial
4 Azithromycin for Injection  500mg/vial
5 Capreomycin injection 1gm/vial
6 Esomeprazole Sodium for Injection  40mg/vial
7 Famotidine Injection  20mg/vial & 40mg/vial
8 Lansoprazole for Injection  30mg/vial
9 Nicorandil for Injection  2mg/vial & 48mg/vial
10 Omeprazole for injection  40mg/vial
11 Pantoprazole for Injection  40mg/vial
12 Rabeprazole Sodium for Injection  20mg/vial
13 Ropivacaine Injection  2mg/ml, 5mg/ml, 7.5mg/ml & 10mg/ml
14 S-Bupivacaine Injection  2.5mg/ml, 5mg/ml, 7.5mg/ml
15 Vancomycin Hydrochloride for Injection USP 500mg/vial, 1gm/vial
16 Vecuronium Bromide for Injection  4mg/vial & 10mg/vial