Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API)

The API plant of the oncology set-up at Sakar caters to the manufacturing from gram to kilogram scale under GMP environment that have four sections. The Glass-line reactors from De-Dietrich, the leading provider for process equipment worldwide, have been installed to make the API Processing plant efficient and regulatory compliant. The cytotoxic materials (API and intermediates) are meant to get handled in totally close loop with use of negative pressure isolator in this set up. Total safety precaution has been installed during the manufacturing by using PPEs. The deactivation of effluent is managed through a separate unit. Thus dedicated manpower and containment safety systems with the lowest occupational exposure limits, the quality of products as well as the health and safety of professionals are well taken care off.

Products Specification Document
Anastrazole USP/BP/IP T.P
Abiraterone USP/IP T.P
Bendamustine IP T.P
Capacitabine USP/BP/IP T.P
Erlotinib IP T.P
Gefitinib IP/BP T.P
Imatinib IP/BP T.P
Bicalutamide Tab. USP/BP/IP T.P
Products Specification Document
Busulfan Inj. USP/BP T.P
Gemcitabine HCl Inj. USP/BP/IP T.P
Irinotecan HCl USP/BP/IP T.P
Methotrexate Inj. / Tab. USP/BP/IP T.P
Topotecan Inj. IP T.P
Cyterabine Inj. USP/BP/IP T.P
Thiotepa Inj. USP/BP/IP T.P
Products Specification Document
Aprepritant USP/BP/IP R&D
Clofarabine IHS R&D
Carboplatin USP/BP/IP R&D
Cisplatin USP/BP/IP R&D
Carmustine USP/BP/IP R&D
Docetaxel USP/BP/IP R&D
Etoposide USP/BP/IP R&D
Products Specification Document
Fosaprepitant IHS R&D
Lenalidomide IHS R&D
Letrozole USP/BP/IP R&D
Oxaliplatin USP/BP/IP R&D
Ondansetron USP/BP/IP R&D
Pemetrexed Dipotassium USP/BP/IP R&D
Temozolamide USP/BP/IP R&D
Products Specification Document
Axitinib IHS R&D
Azacitadine IP R&D
Afatinib IHS R&D
Bortezomib IP R&D
Cyclophosphamide USP/BP/IP R&D
Carfilozomib IHS R&D
Dasatinib IHS R&D
Decitabine IHS R&D
Doxorubicin HCl USP/BP/IP R&D
Daunorubicin USP/BP/IP R&D
Dutasteride USP/BP/IP R&D
Exemestane USP/BP/IP R&D
Evrolimus IHS R&D
Enzalutamide IHS R&D
Epirubicin USP/BP R&D
Products Specification Document
Fulvestrant USP/BP/IP R&D
Efosfamide IHS R&D
Granosetron IHS R&D
Hydroxy Urea USP/BP/IP R&D
Lapatinib IP R&D
Leucovorin Calcium USP/IP R&D
Pazopanib IHS R&D
Pomalidomide IHS R&D
Sorafenib IP R&D
Sunitinib IHS R&D
Tegafur & Uracil JP R&D
Tamoxifen USP/BP/IP R&D
Vincristine USP/BP/IP R&D
Vinblastine USP/BP/IP R&D
Zolendronic Acid IP R&D
*T.P = Technical Package *BP = British Pharmacopeia
*IHS = In-House Standard *IP = Indian Pharmacopeia
*USP = United States Pharmacopeia