A fully automated Manufacturing Unit built up across 2266 sq. meter.

All the manufacturing equipment procured from renowned Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers is suitable for both PET & Glass bottles.

Minimum human interference is ensured during the manufacturing process.

The Unit has a separate air-conditioned storage facility.

Volume No. of Litres / Shift No. of Bottles / Shift
10 ml 750 75,000
30 ml 1550 75,000
60 ml 3000 50,000
100 ml 6000 60,000
200 ml 6000 30,000


Tablet, Capsules, Dry Syrups & Sachets Unit, a premises, spread on 2960 sq. meter, wherein the manufacturing is done on high-tech machinery in extremely controlled environment.

The unit has fully automatic lines of reputed companies from Granulation of materials up to Packaging. Latest Material Handling Systems are placed to minimize direct contamination and handling loss.

The unit has automatic coating machine for Tablets, Barcoding facility, BQS machine for Blister packing & Humidity is control for sensitive products.

Process Capacity
Granulation 500 Kg/ shift
Blending 1000 kg/ shift
Compression 12,00,000/ shift
Filling 12,00,000/shift
Alu - Alu Packaging 12,00,000/shift
Alu - PVC Packaging 6,00,000/shift
Dry Syrup 25,000/shift
Sachets 1,00,000/shift

The Unit of Liquid Injectables is constructed on 5073 sq. meter, is an integral part of the company.

The production lines have an integrated Tunnel system.

Automatic visual inspection of “Brevetti” holds the capacity of inspecting 18000 units per hour.

Ampoules - 1 ml to 5ml
Container Size Washing Capacity/hr Filling Capacity/hr
1 & 2ml 18000 18000
3ml 16000 16000
5ml 14000 14000
Vials – 2 ml to 30ml
Container Size Washing Capacity/hr Filling Capacity/hr
2ml 18000 18000
5ml 15000 15000
10ml 12000 12000
20ml 13000 13000
30ml 12000 12000


The Unit of Dry Powder Injections, a premises, on 1980 sq. meter, is an essential segment of the organisation.

It is a complete automatic line integrated with automatic packaging on Auto Cartoner of PAM – PAC.

Production is carried out in extensively controlled area having a sterile environment.

Container Size Washing Capacity/hr Filling Capacity/hr
250 mg 14400 14400
500 mg 14400 14400
1 gm / 2 gm 11500 11500
3 gm / 5 gm 14000 8500